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dinner with the sister and boyfriend. steak with mushroom sauce, parmesan pasta, and horchata rum. #dinner #qualitytime #foodporn #dinner #alcohol

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killing a bottle of wine tonight.

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beer and homework.
seems legit.

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at a friend’s house today. she’s teaching me how to make ceviche.
alcohol makes it fun.

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adult happy meal.
epic winning.

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Day [03]

Day 03 - Your views on drugs and alcohol.

i am a 22 year old female. yes, i drink. and yes, i’ve tried drugs.

alcohol, dont really care. if you drink, cool. if you dont, thats cool too. what i cant stand is when people drink to get belligerently drunk to the point of black out. yeah i get drunk, but never to the point i dont recall the night before and i wake up next to some strange man. disgusting. alcoholism is not a good look for anyone.

drugs im a little iffy about. there was a time in my life where i smoked a lot of weed. like my first year of college. crazy stuff. i havent touched that stuff in almost two years and im very happy. to me, weed is whatever. as long as you got your priorities straight and your shit taken care of, do your thing.

but on the other hand, i do not respect anyone that does the man made manufactured shit. coke, meth, heroine. all that shit. ive seen first hand what that does and i do not like the person you become. its disgusting. its unbearable and i can not associate myself around someone like that.

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one epic night.
wedding, friends, and alcohol.

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