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Day [14]

Day 14 - Your earliest memory.

definitely with my sister. she is only a year older than me so we are very close. she is a best friend to me. not so much growing up. haha

i think i was maybe 2 or 3? so she was about 3 or 4. my mom gave us both a dollar to buy ice cream. i remember being in my room or someone’s room and my sister came up to me, bit my thumb, and stole my dollar. lmao. i remember crying cause my thumb hurt and i couldnt hold anything. pretty epic. haha.

sisters. thats how we do.

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Day [05]

Day 05 - A time you thought about ending your own life.

hmmm…. probably high school. stereotypical right? i didnt wanna end my life but i came pretty close. i went thru a really bad phase in my life. i was fucking off in school, going behind my parents’ back, just being a stupid little teenager.

my ex and i were together for five years. we broke up about three months ago. now, in high school, he was the love of my life but we did a lot of breaking up and getting back together; he doing the breaking up and me doing a lot of crying. so the end of my senior year, he broke up with me and i was devastated beyond recognition. then i find out that i couldnt walk with my graduating class. then my parents and i started fightingreallybad. everything snowballed out of control and i just didnt wanna do it anymore.

it was a really bad time. what got me thru it was writing. i wrote a lot during this time. what finally pulled me out of it was my best friend and she doesnt even realize it. she called me one day and we talked for a while. i dont remember what i said, but she yelled at me and said “oh my god bitch! get yourself together and move on. we’re going to school in the fall and i’m not wasting it with some emo bitch.” hahahaa. now, she was joking with me cause thats just how we talk to each other but it made me laugh like a crazy person. thats when i was like “yeah, you’re right. fuck this.” and i had an amazing freshman year at college.

so, it really does get better.

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best birthday with the closest people in my life.
and i got a pikachu hoodie that i’ve worn all day in 80degree weather.
love life.

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bean: bitch just had a baby.
hana: reaaaally?! she's so young.
bean: right?
hana: is she like..... morman?
bean: no. she's like.... a slut.
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sisters. best friends.

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best friend for life.

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