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#happybirthday to my best friend, my soulmate, my beter half. i only hope to not only give you the best day, but the best life possible. i love you more than sweet tea and cheese. #boyfriend #love

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boyfriend surprised me to a trip to the bellagio to see the garden :) #boyfriend #christmas #surprisedates #happiness #holidays

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#happyanniversary to my one and only. i cant wait for the many more years to come. #love #boyfriend #soulmate

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im a dodgers fan for life. but the boyfriend is a yankee and i love him #yankees #baseball #victoriassecret #boyfriend

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"the index finger will always point you in the direction you want to go"

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got off work and found a note on my car. what a babe <3 #boyfriend #love #lovenotes #romantic

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i hope everyone gets to experience being in love.

there’s no greater feeling than being with someone you want to spend forever with.

this has been a cheesy post.
because i love my boyfriend. ♥

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love <3 #boyfriend #qualitytime #love

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boyfriend copped me some new kicks.

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i love the boyfriend.
he spoils me i think.

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valentines day consisted of:
- ordering in pizza from my favorite pizza place
- laying on the couch in sweats
- [for him] watching the miami/okc and lakers/clippers game
- sleep and sex

the day after valentines day consisted of sleep, sex, food, nap, sex, lounging, nap, sex, food in that order.

and i wouldn’t have it any other way.

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happy valentines day.
awesome boyfriend is awesome.
with mama cat and lil bubs :]

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for the first time in three days,
i am sleeping in my own bed tonight.

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bean: just stay away from my butthole
boyfriend: i'll kiss you while i'm doing it so its a little more romantic
bean: -_-
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