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sister picked this bad boy up today.
we read spawn growing up as kids.

comics, star wars, baseball.
badass childhood.

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Day [19]

Day 19 - Disrespecting your parents.

i was a bad teenager. horrible. i did good in school but i was a rebel. my parents said no, i did it anyways. i was a disrespectful little bitch.

it wasnt until i moved out of my house that i realized “damn, what the fuck were you thinking?” looking back now, i was an awful daughter. talking back, sneaking out, not giving a fuck. it got really bad. i feel horrible about what i put my parents thru. i think every teen goes thru that but i think i pushed it to the limit.

im pretty close with my parents now. im pretty independent from them. i work full time, saving my own money to pay for school and my own bills. we’re definitely closer than we were before and im very happy.

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Day [14]

Day 14 - Your earliest memory.

definitely with my sister. she is only a year older than me so we are very close. she is a best friend to me. not so much growing up. haha

i think i was maybe 2 or 3? so she was about 3 or 4. my mom gave us both a dollar to buy ice cream. i remember being in my room or someone’s room and my sister came up to me, bit my thumb, and stole my dollar. lmao. i remember crying cause my thumb hurt and i couldnt hold anything. pretty epic. haha.

sisters. thats how we do.

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enjoy life

talked to my ex today. and i’m honestly really happy. he’s seeing someone. taking it slow but nonetheless seeing someone. and i’m so happy everything is ok with him.

what was hurting me the most was that i hurt him so deeply. ending a five year relationship was one of the hardest things to do. it destroyed me. it devastated him.

and now we’re here. joking, laughing, talking about seeing other people and life.

life really does go on.

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