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i’ve never had this much of a desire to have a baby more than i do right now in my life.

i think that’s what happens when you find someone you love so much that you want a physical representation of that love.

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coming into the last home stretch of the fall semester.

i’ve lost all motivation i had at the beginning of the semester.

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how inappropriate is it to ask for sex when you are a sickly little being?

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my legs have been participating in no shame november since august.

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that awkward moment when you’re scrolling through tumblr in class and everything is boobs and sex.

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i have to study for a political science exam.

damn you tumblr.
damn you.

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forever grateful that i still fit into my jeans from high school.

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i hope everyone gets to experience being in love.

there’s no greater feeling than being with someone you want to spend forever with.

this has been a cheesy post.
because i love my boyfriend. ♥

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some of the hottest sex ever.

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i love bad bitches.
thats my fucking problem.

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everyday is a constant battle of keeping my anxiety in check.

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for once, i’m in a relationship where i don’t have worry if he’s doing something shady behind my back or talking to other girls or if he’s going to up and disappear on me.

in the words of one of my best friends, “this is the most stable relationship i’ve ever been in”

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to appreciate serenity, one must experience chaos.

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today’s project.
tools of the trade.
trouble is brewing.

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boyfriend copped me some new kicks.

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