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so a couple of my followers asked to see all my tattoos so here you are!

the first one i ever got was the buddha on the back of my neck. got it 09.03.08 and i took that picture right after i got it done. i wanted it done for so long and i was sitting in my french class one day and i thought “it is happening today” and it happened.

the second one i got 03.23.12 so much more recently. zelda triforce. ABC represents ashley, bean (me), and chris; my siblings. we all played it growing up. triforce represents wisdom, courage and power and that describes each of us.

the last one happened 05.04.12, couple days ago. symbol of the jedi. one, i fucking love star wars. grew up watching it, im a closet geek. two, i got it on star wars day (may the 4th be with you) and the tattoo place i went to was having this tattoo done as a special tattoo for the day. wasn’t going to do it, but said fuck it!

there you have it followers. enjoy! leave me more questions if you’d like

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